Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Health Spot Illustrations

Size: each illustration will be printed in a 4”x 5” area. Images will have organic edges (not boxed in). You must size up your illustrations to at least 8”x10” when creating them.

Once in a while a client will hire you with an idea already in mind. For this project, take the direction below for three related spot illustrations for a health article. Make sure your images are cohesive through elements such as execution, style, and color.

“Thanks for working with us! We are putting together an article dealing with seasonal illness and prevention. The text is pretty straightforward, so we’re hoping the illustrations can add some flair to the project. The text will be wrapped around the images, so we’re looking for more vignette-style spot illos. Please show racial diversity among the characters.”

Illustration 1: A mom-type character in a caretaker role (chicken soup, etc).

Illustration 2: A woman out and about with all the usual tools for fighting illness (kleenex, medicine, and such). We want young professional, not soccer mom. She can either be successfully going about her normal life or struggling with illness, we’ll let you decide.

Illustration 3: A boy (anywhere from age 8-12) in bed sick. Maybe have a thermometer sticking out of his mouth? More of a close up, the whole bed may be too much for a spot illo and we want to focus on the character.

You will have 2 weeks for the final.

Sketches Due: Oct 26

Final Due: Nov 9

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